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CoHELP – Supporting rapid COVID-19 training for clinicians in PNG

Clinical Support Program Phase II

Services: Project Management

Expertise: Disaster Resilience and Response; Health

"This virtual training has more than I expected, it is a great opportunity for me to learn in order to be better at what I do as a Health Worker and also supports me to train my staff on the right things about COVID-19"

Sr. Kaivavore


When COVID-19 caught the world off guard in 2020 there was an obvious and immediate need for clinicians to receive training on the nature of COVID-19 and its effects on clinical practice. JID were tasked by the AusPNG Partnership and National Department of Health PNG to develop a remote learning tool for clinicians and healthcare workers in Papua New Guinea. 


CoHELP is a remote learning tool which has been specifically designed by JID to accommodate the need for training on COVID-19 in Papua New Guinea.

There are many challenges to online learning in Papua New Guinea, the design is simple, clean and a progression of knowledge. From our engagement with clinicians on the ground we understood that the most important considerations for them was to have many opportunities to ask questions and also that the platform is simple to navigate. With these considerations in mind JID have created a learning model which provides live webinars for participants to ask questions and engage with the panellists as well as a discussion board, monitored by clinical experts, which circulates written question and answers to the enrolled user group.

CoHELP uses multiple mediums for content delivery to cater to different modes of learning, language competencies, time restrictions and internet capacity. We have utilised interactive online training technology as well as downloadable resource documents, presentations, videos and quizzes.

Our relationships with clinical specialists in both in the Pacific and Australasian regions position JID to respected and regionally relevant health services material, for COVID-19 but also for wider clinical services training. The platform was developed with content collaboration and oversight from the World Health Organisation and a potential for wider regional rollout and content potential was identified.

CoHELP is supported by the PNG Australia Partnership and developed by JID in consultation with Papua New Guinea National Department of Health and WHO Papua New Guinea. 


Developed for doctors, nurses, community health workers and clinical management staff, the COVID-19 Healthcare E-Learning (CoHELP) training program contains practical resources and scenarios and is accessible on a smartphone, tablet or computer. 

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We delivered a rapid response to the program’s COVID-19 pivot, with teams, including 14 clinical specialists, recruited, mobilized, and deployed for up to 12 weeks from June to September 2021, providing essential management and clinical support to partners and staff including front line health workers while working under the challenging COVID-19 conditions.

The program developed learning opportunities for clinicians through remote e-learning who may otherwise not be able to access upskilling training. The platform is adaptable and designed specifically for the target population, engaging their local knowledge and the international medical community of experts.