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Disaster resilience and response

Building stronger communities, systems and infrastructure to reduce risk in challenging environments

The Pacific region is uniquely prone to significant impact from climate challenges and natural disasters, while the region’s health systems and infrastructure are often not sufficiently prepared to provide rapid disaster response in times of crisis. Combined with an increasing population across the region, development investments must integrate disaster resilience and response approaches in every project.

JID’s commitment to the Pacific region is to design and develop resilient infrastructure that meets the evolving environmental, health and safety needs of vulnerable communities and to respond swiftly whenever we are needed.

JID has proven expertise in responding to health and environmental crises, natural disasters and weather event impacts, and delivering and planning for resilient infrastructure and services in the future. Our established relationships with partners and institutions provides rapid support, particularly in times of disaster or crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing partners to focus on project implementation, while JID focuses on the logistics and project management.

Our advisory, management and strategy services embed disaster resilience and response into project planning, design and delivery. We also support governments and donors to plan for disaster response and resilience with proven frameworks, along with environmental impact analysis, project costings and safeguarding assessments.

Our approach to disaster response and resilience works to improve safety and functionality of existing systems and infrastructure, address critical maintenance issues, and improve service quality and capacity into the future.