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Infrastructure that builds economies and communities

We design, plan and build economic infrastructure and systems for long-term growth and prosperity

Sustainable economic infrastructure in the Pacific is essential to support the region’s growth and resilience. Projects that help communities engage in economic activity – from trading facilities such as markets, renewable energy systems and land, sea and air transportation – are a foundational element to support growth.

JID’s economic infrastructure specialists are focused on delivering fit-for-purpose and commercially viable infrastructure projects that will support communities for generations.

Our approach addresses not only physical and systems infrastructure but also governance, resourcing capacity and development, environmental context, and cultural and social impact to provide sustainable solutions for the community.

By incorporating localisation and participation, private sector engagement and employment opportunities into our projects, we maximise a double dividend to communities by delivering improved standards, quality and sustainability for economic infrastructure.

We provide expert advice and find innovative solutions to financing, with expertise in investment options, commercial modelling, and public private partnerships.

Our expertise in the economic infrastructure includes