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Transport Infrastructure for Economic Development

Client: APEC

Duration: 1 year

Services: Advisory services

Expertise: Economic infrastructure


The APEC Connectivity Blueprint 2015-2025 includes a peer review initiative to identify capacity building opportunities to improve physical connectivity between the APEC economies. The ultimate goal is for economies to be better connected for the prosperity of trade and economic development in the region.

Papua New Guinea became the fourth economy to request a peer review, with the first three being the economies of the Philippines, Viet Nam and Indonesia since the initiative began in 2016. The review was considered by PNG to be a great opportunity to receive support implementing their national Connect PNG.


JID provided advisory services through peer review and capacity building advise. We completed a review of the systems and processes which constitute development and management of economic corridors, and identified the capacity building needs. This information could then be shared among member economies. Our approach was to deliver recommendations and findings which would address the current and future needs of the PNG Economy and grounded in sustainability principles.


JID reviewed industry, academic and government literature on systems and case studies in the transport and infrastructure investment sectors. Findings from the literature review informed targeted consultations with key PNG stakeholders from public, private and international organisations.

From these knowledge gathering approaches, our team identified key patterns, successes and failures, contextualised by the social, political and investment environment.

Key issues identified were around planning, funding, and quality assurance, largely a result of ineffective leadership. JID identified that the human capability and investment environment were the two key focuses for capacity building.

By developing a workforce which can reliably implement projects in accordance with national planning despite unstable leadership, investors' confidence will grow in PNG.