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Delivering an international standard hospital for Papua New Guinea

1.9 million residents in PNG’s Momase Region will receive improved health services as part of the ANGAU Hospital redevelopment

Client: Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Duration: 2017 – ongoing

Services: Program and project advisory

Expertise: Social Infrastructure; Health

ANGAU Memorial Hospital Redevelopment


ANGAU Memorial Hospital is the second largest hospital in PNG and plays a critical role serving as a District Hospital for 149,000 people in Lae, a provincial hospital for the 675,000 people of Morobe Province, and a regional referral hospital for the 1.9 million residents of the Momase Region.

The Australian Government has committed AUD250 million to improve health services in Morobe Province through the ANGAU Memorial Hospital Redevelopment, a key investment in Australia’s development cooperation program with Papua New Guinea. Morobe is home to around 9 per cent of the PNG population, and the previous hospital services were not able to support the demand or provide the quality of care required for the diverse communities who live in Morobe and the wider Momase region.

JID is engaged as the managing contractor for Project Management and Program Delivery and is managing the design, construction and commission of the 21,000m2 redevelopment. There will be 14 new facilities, comprising clinical, back of house and working accommodation and delivered within the existing and operational hospital setting. The redevelopment will double the capacity of the ANGAU Hospital while maintaining the same cost to the PNG Government.

JID is dedicated to designing and delivering sustainable solutions therefore what began as an infrastructure project has evolved into a multidimensional, tailored development of hospital resources from operational management to capital upgrades.

Services and approach

JID developed a Business Case and Service Delivery Plan that set ANGAU up to operate effectively as a culturally relevant, regional referral hospital, delivered to budget, as part of a networked health system. The Business Case reflected JID’s commercial approach to achieve safe and sustainable growth in service delivery within a stabilised recurrent funding and realistic workforce framework. Governance, financial, operational and asset management systems were developed to ensure better utilisation, less wastage and a more consistent and reliable service offering.

During the planning and design phase, JID undertook intensive planning, value management and user group consultations to ensure that the redevelopment is fit for purpose, affordable and sustainable to operate and maintain. JID’s commissioning and change management program for the hospital created operational systems to ensure the new infrastructure translates into improved health outcomes in the future.

In addition to the hospital’s construction, JID is overseeing a comprehensive program of investment in capital, operational and workforce development to support the new facilities. This includes developing clinical and vocational programs for upskilling staff across all areas of hospital management, clinical services and maintenance to support long-term financial viability and sustainability.

JID works in close partnership with stakeholders including Provincial Health Authorities to plan, procure and implement appropriate asset and facilities management systems and services. Through this, we support local business and trades to build their knowledge and capacity to deliver to international standard and quality, reducing costs, increasing the Hospital’s longevity, and supporting continued improvement in health outcomes in the future.


The ANGAU Hospital redevelopment will double the capacity of the ANGAU Hospital providing international standard and health services to the people of the Momase and Highlands regions, offering integrated healthcare to over 182,000 hospital attendees annually.

To date, outcomes include: