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Medical Supply Chain Consultancy

Client: Global Fund, World Vision International

Services: Advisory services

Expertise: Health; Health Sector Supply Chain


Globally, the health supply chain is fraught with inconsistency and duplication. In low to middle income countries there is often a significant number of donor partners / agencies (WHO, Unicef, Medicine Sans Frontier and other NGOs and multilaterals) funding healthcare projects and services, often with little communication between projects and leading to significant wastage of products. Without clear control of the supply chain it is easy for the public to miss out on vital medicines and products, impacting a health care system’s ability to effectively manage the health and wellbeing of its communities.


JID is working for The Global Fund and World Vision International to review the health product supply chain in PNG. This project will recommend changes to the health product supply chain in PNG, for example simplifying the electronic logistic management software and the way in which pallets are received and receipt of goods confirmed